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Popular Adventure Tours in North America

By: Lisa Parker

The growing popularity of adventure tours has changed the way many people spend their vacations. Once thought of as primarily a chance to kick back and relax, modern vacationers have a multitude of options available to them besides simply sitting on a beach. Adventure tours offer vacationers a chance to explore and challenge themselves in ways not possible in their everyday lives. Mountain climbing, hiking and white water rafting are just some of the exciting and memorable experiences vacationers can have on an adventure tour. Often experienced in remote parts of the world such as Africa or Southeast Asia, adventure tours are available in North America as well. Take a look at some of the most popular adventure tours available.

Pioneer Adventures of the Old West

Covering several beautiful landscapes in the Southwest area of the United States, this adventure tour will take you everywhere from the Grand Canyon to Montezuma Castle. As opposed to a vacation which simply takes you to the Grand Canyon or Zion National Park, this adventure tour includes both of these breathtaking locations as well as several other incredible landmarks.

Besides coordinating meals and transportation, an adventure tour includes a qualified tour director to keep everyone together and informed of important stops and historical landmarks. For instance, during the "Pioneer Adventures of the Old West" adventure tour, the tour director will discuss the historical importance of Williams, which was once a rough frontier town. Vacationers who choose this adventure tour will also have the unique experience of seeing Sedona, Arizona, by 4WD Jeep. The Jeep tour goes through incredible Dry Creek Basin, offering the adventure tourist a different perspective of the landscape which was once home to the Old West.

Grand Tour of Canada

Most vacations take you to just one fantastic destination: a warm and beautiful beach, a majestic mountain range or a bustling city. An adventure tour combines all of these destinations into one memorable experience. The "Grand Tour of Canada" adventure tour includes all of these aspects. Visit the beautiful Canadian cities of Vancouver and Victoria, take a ride on the Athabasca Glacier on a custom designed ice explorer and take in the picturesque sights of Lake Louise and Banff.

It is important to note that just because an adventure tour is mapped out and planned ahead of time, there are still days which can be customized to the vacationers specifications. Often referred to as "your choice activities", these days are set aside so that vacationers can experience certain locations at their own pace.

An example of "your choice activities" occurs during the Jasper stop on the "Grand Tour of Canada" adventure tour. Vacationers have the choice of taking a cruise across Maligne Lake, experiencing a horseback ride through the mountains or venturing down the Athabasca River on a comfortable float trip.

Best of California

An adventure tour allows you to experience more than just one location. The "Best of California" tour brings you the best of both San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as everything in between. An ordinary vacation to either of these cities would of course be a great and memorable experience, but on an adventure tour nothing is left to chance. The thought and organization that is put into the planning of these tours ensures this, as does the tour director who accompanies you on your trip.

The "Best of California" tour begins in San Francisco, ushering you across town on the famous cable car and through beautiful Pacific Heights and historic Golden Gate Park. As you soak up the culture and sights of this "world" city, the tour continues taking you into the California country and wilderness via Yellowstone National Park, Carmel and picturesque Pebble Beach golf course.

Next stop is Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California. Bringing you the best sights and sounds of the great state of California, this adventure tour takes you right down Sunset Boulevard to the famous "Hollywood" sign and Hollywood walk of Fame. This particular adventure tour offers two types of tours in one package. In both San Francisco and Los Angeles, vacationers are treated to an in-depth sightseeing tour and an orientation tour of Carmel, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

A North American adventure tour includes beautiful cities and landscapes, history and culture. An ordinary vacation to even one of the locations would not provide the incredible possibilities available to travelers on an adventure tour. Also, the degree of physical exertion and the amount of activities taken is entirely up to the vacationer. Some individuals want the most intense vacation they can find while others want the sights and sounds without an intense physical requirement.

An adventure tour is a traditional vacation and so much more. Some adventure tours are crafted for the nature lover, highlighting numerous national parks and the best nature settings that North America has to offer. If you can dream it up, then there is probably an adventure tour available which can help you make your dream a reality.

About the Author

Lisa Parker is a freelance writer who writes about the travel industry and vacation deals, often discussing specific tour operators such as Globus Tours.

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