www.tat.or.th   Tourism Authority of Thailand
www.dco.co.th   Sell Thai learn CD-ROM
www.submit-it.com   Submit URL
www.powerpromote.com   Submit URL
www.elbowko.com   Thai Boxing
www.mapquest.com   Word map
www.disney.com   Walt Disney
www.senior.com   to retire
www.cnet.com   Computer Technology
www.mtv.com   Music TV
www.shareware.com   Free dowload program
www.download.com   Free dowload program
www.dialpad.com   Free call phone
www.efax.com   Get faxes and voice mail free
www.astro.com   Astro
www.bot.or.th   Bank of Thailand
www.exploratorius.edu   Museum for kid
www.whoopie.com   Sound and VDO for kid
www.zdnet.com/pcmag   PC Magazine online

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